Welcome to our world

Signing at Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2).
MUTTS creator Patrick McDonnell gets love from our dog, Janice.
Chef J host of Bone Appetit canine cooking show who LOVES to cook, err eat. She says “Eat Treats.”

We love to write in many genres. We adore laughing while writing humor, imagining  fantasy and mystery, and exploring science and nature in non-fiction. We married adventure as well as each other, so we have a lot of fun collaborating.

We stand for trees, animals, and nature, supporting environmental projects that move us toward a greener planet. We love to travel, and as Baha’is believe we all are connected. “We are the flowers of one garden, the leaves of one tree.”

Movies, comics, graphic novels books, music and dogs sustain us. You probably guessed we love astronomy and can often be found star viewing, especially for meteor showers or lunar eclipses.

As long-time members of The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, we are proud to also be Illinois local network reps (Naperville-Bolingbrook). 

We love to capture photos and make videos. Our company is MARCH Creative Services – Mary And Rich CHamberlin, get it?

Mary: Hi everyone! I’m into Television production – directing, writing, producing and editing, camera and crew. I’ve worked on many documentaries from dishwashers to tires. Yes, tires and dishwashers are your friends. Besides being an author, I have taught children’s classes. Want a fun fact? I have a project in the Smithsonian collection in Washington, D.C. No kidding.

Rich: Hello! My education and experiences are in Science and Engineering. Yes, I understand the inner workings of a cell phone AND cloud technology – whoa! Besides my children’s book writing, I have written technical manuals and lots of computer code. Yikes! I also have taught children’s classes. I have a degree in Metallurgical Engineering so I know exactly how to construct a sword to slay dragons. But, I won’t do that, because they are pretty cool.